Cross-platform smartphone application development

Cost-effective, faster solution

Whether it’s a smartphone device or a smartwatch, our experienced smartphone developers deliver quality cross-platform app development.

What is cross-platform (platform-independent) development?

With cross-platform app development, we can create apps optimized for all smartphone operating systems and platforms, including iOS and Android. At Arteries we have used several of these systems over the years, currently we prefer the Flutter development system developed and supported by Google. Its programming language is the Dart programming language.

When is it recommended?

In general, we recommend the use of platform-independent programming tools for applications where the performance requirements of the application are not critical (display, response performance, speed), and real-time or near real-time operation is not expected. When human-scale response times are appropriate (a few hundred milliseconds, or even 1-2 seconds) and the application does not need to access specific hardware elements in the smartphone device.

Basic camera, GPS usage is quite smooth even for cross-platform systems, but more advanced operations are more difficult to perform with these. When you have an application that does mostly manual data entry and in response some simpler data display, these development tools are very useful. If you know that you will have more specific needs in the future, it is highly recommended to consider native development (even at the additional cost) so that we do not have to rewrite our applications previously built with cross-platform tools.

We have many years of experience in developing applications, and our programmers and testers are experts in the Cross-platform operating system. For us, building apps is not just a job: it’s fun, challenging and rewarding. We often develop near-hardware components, complete ecosystems, and we are constantly working with heavy workloads and real-time systems.

Our services:

UX / UI services

The development of a smartphone application begins with the design of the information structure and then the design. Be it UX (User Experience) research, UI (User Interface) design, our specialists will implement your ideas following the latest trends.

App Store and Google Play management

Our agency takes care of the publishment of the application and designs the visuals needed. We make sure that every detail matches the formal requirements so that the Google Play will accept and publish your app as soon as possible.

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