Frequently asked questions

How soon can you take on new projects?

Depending on our availability, we will respond to requests for quotes within 1-14 business days, naturally we will try to as quickly as possible. After initial consultation, we can usually allocate capacity to a new project within a few weeks. As a rule of thumb, we ask that you contact us about a new project as soon as possible, but at least 3 weeks before the expected start. In this case, there is a good chance we can deliver a solution on time. Because we strive to serve many of our clients and always operate at close to 100% load, we can schedule new tasks as we complete projects. Thank you for your understanding and thoughtful planning! We look forward to working with you!

Please contact our colleagues as soon as possible via your direct contact, our ticketing system or our central telephone number. We always investigate the problem and try to find a solution as soon as possible. In the case of an existing contract or some other specific agreement, please report the problem to the contact person listed in the contract, our colleague is obliged to respond and to promote a solution as best as they can.

We offer payment by cash or wire-transfer.
Our team has worked several times on the internal development of logistic centers, overseeing factory production equipment, data mining and analytics (IoT, Industry 4.0). Additionally, in many cases, we have delivered customized data acquisition, indoor positioning, wireless broadcasting and also monitoring systems through our hardware development partners. We have a growing experience in machine vision and artificial intelligence (image data analysis, event detection, measurement, pattern recognition, analytics, forecasting, etc.). Ask our colleagues, they will be happy to tell you more about these, and we would be pleased to think about solutions in these specialized fields as well.
Another advantage of our company is that we await our customers in three places in Hungary. Our head office is located on Forgách utca in Budapest, but we are also available in Őrbottyán and in downtown Pécs. Please make an appointment with our colleagues in advance.
Generally, we conform to the customers’ needs; however there are a few things that stay consistent with every project. We start our projects with comprehensive planning for which we usually create a separate contract. After planning, we make a cost estimate of the implementation / development tasks required and contract the delivery according to the chosen methodology (be it traditional waterfall or agile, Scrum). In every case, communication will go through a dedicated project manager, this is how we strive to provide clear communication and minimalize the chance of misunderstandings. Senior architects supervise the work of our expert teams. We provide insight into our workflows as desired and provide detailed reports according to the agreement made. We strive to deliver on time, while at the same time responding flexibly to changing demands to integrate them into the processes. By agreement, we will continue to support, operate, and provide warranty for our completed systems.
Due to our company’s stability, both the experts and our way of business, we have a strong routine and we are able to serve our clients with expertise. We are not beginners; we have already overcome in many kinds of situations. There are a lot of us, from several different IT fields (UI/UX design, back-end, front-end, mobile development, IT project management, QA (with both automatized and manual testing), and DevOps. Due to our extensive experience we are able to provide solutions which require knowledge of a wide technological spectrum.