IoT (M2M) rendszer fejlesztés IoT (M2M) system development

developing smart ecosystems
Keep up, even overtake! IoT systems can definitely help you increase your efficiency and your profits. Our experts draw on their experience from many complex projects and have a good understanding of the opportunities, which they can transfer and integrate into projects with an agile, lean approach.

IoT Development services:

Prototype- and small series hardware production, 3D printing

We are building a Proto to test the concept. We produce MVP hardware, even in small series in-house. Prototyping allows for cost-effective experimentation and modification before going into mass production.

Embedded system development

We also bring our software development experience to bear in embedded environments. Trained in automotive, medical device manufacturing and smart ecosystem development, our programmers have a proven track record in developing embedded software for target hardware.

IoT Testing:

The quality of our products is checked by manual and automated tests. The load capacity of hardware components is tested under laboratory conditions. We also have our own salt and climate chambers, but we also cooperate with external certifiers (e.g. TÜV) and carry out tests such as EMC and similar tests.

IoT Smartphone app development

Apps for smartwatches, phones and tablets enable location-independent monitoring and remote control of the IoT system. Just like the IoT system, our phone apps are developed by experienced experts.

End-to-end IoT ecosystem development

Our wide-ranging expertise allows us to support the whole process. We can help you conceptualise the system, design the application, create the graphic design, build the hardware and associated embedded software or backend cloud solutions, and support the operation of the live system. We can keep everything under one roof, controlling efficient communication between divisions.

Why choose us?

Professional, flexible team:

Together with you, we'll think through your IoT system and develop a highly detailed specification, laying the foundations for a robust system.

Continuous control

We build intelligent, efficiency-enhancing IoT systems based on complex analyses, measuring and optimising results. Real-time data collected by sensor networks enables constant monitoring to keep negative processes under control. In case of an emergency, the device can even intervene to prevent further damage.

Increase Return on Investment (ROI):

We don't want to sound pretentious, but we can really see through complex systems to ensure they meet both your desired business processes and system requirements. We've honed our processes over many years, so we're well placed to start delivering real value for you.

Implementation and operating support

Implementation and operating support: support is also provided after development. We help you to implement the system, ensure smooth operation, maintenance and upgrades, and make sure that the system is IT-secure.

Who do we recommend this development service to?

Companies that want to increase their efficiency and revenue with smart IoT systems.

Start-up vállalkozásoknak, akik új ötletekkel rendelkeznek és prototipusokat szeretnének készíteni. Start-ups with new ideas and looking to prototype.

Anyone who is interested in IoT (M2M) or custom hardware + software development and related mobile applications and is looking for a reliable team of experts.

Thinking about developing an IoT system?

Ask for our free project brief template, that would help you specify your requirements.