Embedded Software Development

Applications for specific hardware
Embedded software is now an integral part of almost every electronic device, from industrial machines to smart home devices, automotive applications, smart medical instruments and smart meters. The Arteries Studio has decades of experience in designing and developing embedded systems. We can help you make your products more reliable, ergonomic and intelligent.

Embedded Software Development services:

System design:

After a thorough analysis of your needs, we design the most optimal hardware and software architecture. We prepare a detailed system design, consult with vendors/suppliers, design a sustainable, upgradeable, cost-effective system.

Software development:

Writing code in C/C++, Python, and other languages, in OS-less or real-time operating system (RTOS) environments is routine for us.

Testing and debugging:

Our complex testing processes ensure that the software works reliably under all conditions.

Maintenance and support:

Provide continuous support and software updates throughout the product lifecycle, even with remote, automated update solutions. We can continuously discuss your future needs and support their development in line with your business plan.

Why choose us?

Professional, flexible team:

Together with you, we'll think through your IoT system and develop a highly detailed specification, laying the foundations for a robust system.

Continuous control

We build intelligent, efficiency-enhancing IoT systems based on complex analyses, measuring and optimising the results. The real-time data collected by sensor networks enables constant monitoring to keep negative processes under control. In case of an emergency, the device can even intervene to prevent further damage.

Increase Return on Investment (ROI):

We don't want to sound pretentious, but we can really see through complex systems to ensure that they meet both your desired business processes and system requirements. We've honed our processes over many years, so we're well placed to start delivering real value for you.

Implementation and operating support

Implementation and operating support: support is also provided after development. We help you to implement the system, ensure smooth operation, maintenance and upgrades, and make sure that the system is IT-secure.

Who do we recommend this development service to?

Companies that want to increase their efficiency and revenue with smart IoT systems.

Start-ups with new ideas and looking to prototype.

Anyone who is interested in IoT (M2M) or custom hardware + software development and related mobile applications and is looking for a reliable team of experts.

Thinking about developing an IoT system?

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