Church and Innovation, with Arteries Studio

6 December 2019

From autumn 2019, the Hungarian Catholic Radio will be available free of charge and, more importantly, through a mobile app. To present the application to the public, the Church organised a press event, in which our colleague, the project manager who has been guiding and managing the development, actively participated. Church and innovation – a surprising pairing at first sight, but not as common as, say, Arteries Studio and Innovation. But if you think about it, large religious communities have never been closed to progress, and this is also true for today’s high-tech IT solutions. There’s the Smart Rosary, for example, the Sign Language Bible website (also an Arteries development) or the recently launched Catholic Radio app. Even so, an event like this – when the Church launches a mobile app – is still of such interest that dozens of media came to the press event and asked inquisitive questions to the radio managers and our project manager. In addition to the biggest church press products, we generated coverage in publications such as Magyar Hírlap, Magyar Nemzet and

Sources: Magyar Kurír

The app is available on both Android and iOS and offers users a number of useful features in addition to the radio broadcast and the daily Mass. We look forward to future enhancements and further development of the product.

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