Specification – Kickoff – Planting!

5 November 2019

The Arteries team has always been committed to protecting nature and our health, and making our environment more liveable. Among our developments, there are several applications and web interfaces that support this ambition. Just think of eFit or MyBabyWithMe, or the EnHome portal. But in autumn 2019, we left our keyboards behind and took up garden tools. We planted trees in Őrbottyán. Dozens of early maples, common hornbeams and pedunculate oaks were planted around the running track behind the football pitch in the Pest County town. Colleagues from several offices across the country arrived early in the morning – with their families, of course. The crisp sunny weather only increased the desire to move and the workload. As befits a good software project, we started with the design. Which tree goes where? What are the first steps on which surface? How big is a pit? Where do we throw the excavated soil? Where do we get the water from? So many questions to be specified.

After the largest number of kick-offs in the company’s history, the company was divided into teams of 3-4 people. The purchase of tools was not without its confusion, with the scalpel in particular proving very popular – who would have thought it was essential for gardening. But then, with great enthusiasm and unity, we got down to work. There was no shortage of helping hands on every metre of the pitch. Admittedly, the difference in working surface could give rise to some envy. Those digging on smooth grass, who only had to throw up the soil next to the pit, felt lucky to see teams starting the planting on a bed of gravel. The latter also had to be careful not to throw the soil on the gravel. It was a bit different from having a mobile app in the Google Play store or the Apple Store. All the trees were finally in place. Let’s hope they have a long life full of growth and rainfall. We plan to return to the site regularly to follow their fate and progress. After all, a project is never over once it has been sharpened – support is particularly important.

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