Value-based web and application development

Gábor Németh


We recently decided not to develop a website or develop more applications in the way other companies do.

Most of them contact us like “we need a website where our users can do this and that” – “we need a mobile app that does this and that”. And the expectation is that the “good” software development company will listen to the client’s needs and create this website and this mobile app.) So, what’s the problem with that?

Is such a developer good for the client?

What is value-based software development?

Let me explain Value-based software engineering

– VBSE” with two simple examples:

  • A taxi company doesn’t really need an app to order a taxi, it needs an app that makes its users feel like they are travelling efficiently! This is the first priority and the solution should be developed with this as a basis.
  • A restaurant doesn’t need an app to book a table and order takeaway food. In fact, they need an app that saves the user time by allowing them to conveniently and efficiently communicate their dining request, and in response, they get reliable quality food and fast, trackable service. This allows you to spend more time with your family or at work.

These examples highlight our determination to design and develop software with a focus on the value. We’d like to work with customers who know (or are willing to find out) what value they are actually providing to their customers/users, and to support this value delivery with a software system.

Related keywords: real benefit recognition, business analysis, cost-benefit analysis, investment analysis, return on investment (ROI), stakeholder values, value-based software engineering.

Nowadays, in most software development projects two indicators show how well development is progressing: the cost of the features already developed and the time invested in development. We are convinced that it makes sense to move in the direction of evaluating the success of a software development project in terms of the value delivered, and secondly in terms of its cost or resources invested.

We strive to create real value with our software and mobile applications, and thus contribute effectively to our customers’ success. To achieve this, we focus on the value to be delivered from the first conversation, and all our recommendations are designed to ensure that this value is either reflected, created or enhanced by the software.

Surprisingly, many of our customers are unable to articulate exactly what value they want to add with the solution they are developing – but we can help!

In the software design and UX design phase, we work together to identify these using appropriate methods. Our methods help you to not only have a software, but to deliver exactly the values your customers/partners/collaborators need!

Let us do your web or mobile application development! We’d like to help you be more successful!

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