Reachy Rich Academy, the potential of an influencer education portal



An online school that teaches you everything you need to become a successful social media content creator and influencer? Yes, it already exists: it’s called The Reachy Rich Club and it was developed by us, the team of Arteries Studio.

But what exactly is an influencer academy?

As described above, the school aims to help you get a complete overview of social media, learn all the tricks of content creation through different modules, like how to build a successful social media page, how to get sponsorships or how to produce a coherent content with image editing tricks.

“Among the trainers of the different modules, we will meet many well-known names from the world of social media, including Henry Kettner, Lady Szomjas, Beni “Beniipowa” Nagy, Vivi Verebélyi, Norbi Nagy, Adri Makk, Bence Hernádi, Szecsó and Peti Marics. The site will feature a wealth of tutorial videos never seen before, presets from the biggest content creators and much more extra content for future influencers and those interested in social media content production.” – online magazine kreatí writes.

Our team supported the project in the backend development. We customized the Neon LMS framework to meet our client’s specific needs, to implement the course modules they had imagined.

The portal includes a personality test that supports the learner in developing and implementing interaction with different characters. We also assisted in the design and implementation of the corresponding background logic system.

“The world of Social Media is very tough and I’m glad that there is a knowledge centre like Reachy Rich, because being unprepared can be dangerous and stressful. Here you can get a peek behind the scenes and prepare yourself. We show you what it’s really like and that’s what I love most about it” Lady Szomjas, one of the country’s best known TikTok content creators said.

This knowledge pack is useful not only for those who want to become influencers, but for anyone working in the field of digital media and marketing.”-

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