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Gábor Németh


No one needs to talk about the importance of innovation and automation, yet few people get to the point where they take meaningful action in this area. Everyone is talking about AI today, but without data, AI is useless on its own. Digitalisation is becoming a dominant factor in industries because it is the “fuel” for intelligent business processes.

Over the past years, the Arteries Studio team has proudly helped a number of companies to develop complex digitalisation and IT solutions, especially, but not exclusively, in the areas of manufacturing and logistics.

Industrial digitalisation brings many benefits for companies. Arteries Studio has developed and deployed customized automated manufacturing and logistics systems that provide a more optimized, redesigned and highly digitized operation compared to existing systems. In many cases, we did not replace existing system components, but complemented them to ensure continuous, seamless operations. Life need not come to a standstill because of such an upgrade!

The ERP and WMS – etc. integrations allows you to easily receive orders, stocks / raw materials, product information and production recipes, for example. In addition, the system monitors and measures the time requirements of the production phases, helps to refine standard times, monitors process efficiency and collects data using IoT tools.

BI dashboards can be used to view data and plan costs, plan production and prepare financial statements. We work with your company’s finance and controlling team and take into account their preferred tools to minimise learning curves.

We would like to highlight some interesting examples from the Arteries references. For example, we have developed a cloud-based, ERP integrated production management system for the Naturtex factory. In this, we use unique, ergonomic smart devices to take measurements at each production step, and the BI system allows us to track the results and the software also provides specific optimisation recommendations.

For Revotica mattress and furniture factory, we redesigned the web order submission process, integrating it with the production line systems and the custom ERP system. Our goal was to modernize and make the operation more sustainable. Arteries Studio has no problem working with systems that want to add new capabilities to their existing capabilities.

Our logistics digitisation work with Benchmark Education in the US has produced a number of results. We have implemented indoor worker access, movement tracking, activity monitoring, automated picker task assignment, packing process monitoring, replenishment and picking automation, and reordering of stock based on incoming orders for faster processing.

In addition, we have developed a digitalised system for the Praxislab veterinary laboratory, for example, where every step of the laboratory can be measured, controlled and monitored from the cloud. The system, provided by Arteries Studio, covers laboratory test requests, sample delivery, test documentation and all digital administration, finance and logistics.

We could list many more similar projects from the past. All these reference projects carried out by Arteries Studio show why our expertise and reliability deserve your company’s attention.

The professional diversity of our team (IoT hardware and embedded software, web and mobile frontend, backend, smart device solutions, cloud infrastructure, data warehouse, data lakehouse and BI developments based on them…etc.), our successful projects and the benefits of the services we provide all contribute to making our clients the best possible and relevant in their field: receive digital solutions that are easy to adapt, learn and adapt to existing processes, but also enhance them.

The advantages of using such systems include:

– Increased efficiency: the software solutions offered by Arteries are designed to digitalise and optimise manufacturing and logistics processes, ensuring maximum efficiency at every stage of production.

– Real-time data collection:Arteries IoT systems enable real-time data collection of production and logistics processes, allowing a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of production performance, monitoring, surveillance, and intelligent notifications and alerts.

– Customisation: the hardware and software solutions offered can be tailored to the specific needs of each use case, ensuring maximum usability (UX, ergonomics) and efficiency for individual production processes.

– Integration: solutions are designed to integrate with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, warehouse management systems (WMS) and provide a seamless and efficient employee experience. If such (ERP, WMS) systems are not already in use, our project can include the delivery of such systems.

– Automatizálás: A hardware és szoftver megoldások segítenek automatizálni a gyártásban részt vevő számos manuális folyamatot, ami nagyobb termelékenységet jelent, és csökkenti az emberi hibák lehetőségét.

– Artificial Intelligence: if we have the data, we can map out the processes in which an AI can support our decisions or even make decisions on its own. It can control processes, or generate reports, or even generate alerts. It can suggest operations that lead to optimisation, or help to allocate tasks automatically. It can monitor cameras, detect events, or even help us with ergonomics improvement issues (e.g. by monitoring workers)…etc. The possibilities are endless, and the Arteries Studio AI team can help you with that too.

Overall, the use of production management and logistics software and IoT systems/tools can lead to greater efficiency, accuracy and productivity, with real and tangible benefits in the competitive market in the short and long term.

We generally work with our partners in a step-by-step, agile way, not upending existing operations, but delivering and implementing new solutions at the pace at which the organisation and its people can adapt. This is one of the keys to success, alongside expertise.

If you are looking for complex IT digitalisation solutions in the field of manufacturing and logistics, for example, don’t hesitate to contact us, because we believe – and our customers believe – that our team can help you effectively!

With the Arteries Studio team, you can expect high quality professional advice, and together we can move towards a more efficient, profitable and time-saving operation!

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