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The project

Development of the corporate portal and website of

The client

Qualysoft Zrt. is a global company with decades of history. It is present in 7 countries across Europe as an IT consulting and services company.

The challenge

When renewing the Qualysoft Zrt. website, we had to meet the needs of more stakeholders than usual, due to the client’s wide range of services and activities. Each area came with its own vision and priorities for the project. Due to the size of the company, the functionality required for the site was much more complex than what could be achieved with an average CMS (content management system).

Our solution

The iterative UI/UX design phase resulted in a visual design that all decision makers were fully satisfied with: it met all expectations, the requirements of the company policy. In terms of functionality, the site was a custom-developed site with complex content built in blocks, yet easy to manage. In addition to traditional content, landing pages supporting campaigns, as well as linkable questionnaires and contact forms, can be easily created.

Key technology

Concrete5 Enterprise CMS framework

Development team

  • Design
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • QA
  • PM

The solution

The renewed website provides a pleasant user experience for both users and administrators who upload content. The structure of each page, with its many individual blocks, allows for virtually unlimited page variation. The portal system is varied by building with content blocks, but still allows to create subpages with a consistent look and feel. We will continue to support our client, Qualysoft Zrt, in this content development and all other website related issues under a long-term support contract.

Check the new website of

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