3D Prototyping Printing

Prototyping and low volume 3D printing (FDM, SLA)
3D printing gives you faster, more cost-effective design iterations and customisation. The Arteries Studio uses the latest 3D printing technologies to help clients quickly turn their ideas into reality.

3D printing of small series production of parts, spare parts, utility objects, loadable parts, small series production, 3D printing of building models, models, 3D printing of figures, toys. Besides traditional materials (PLA, HIPS, ABS) we also use more exotic materials (glow in the dark Glow PLA, flexible materials, woodfill, brassfill, HT-PLA, PETG, TPE, TPU, ESD PLA, custom filament…etc.)

Our 3D printing services:


From initial concept to working prototype, we support every step of product development.

Custom parts manufacturing:

Customized parts for small series production or special projects. We can prepare component/object documentation as required, even for special approval processes. We perform professional FDM 3D, industrial UVLCD/MSLA 3D printing and industrial FDM 3D printing.

Preparation for series production:

Further development of prototypes into production-ready products, taking into account the optimal production technology for series production.

Follow-up and support:

Expert advice and support for post-prototyping fine-tuning and optimisation.

Linking with our other services:

Our 3D printing services are well complemented by our hardware design, embedded development and IoT system development services in general, but we are also available for mobile applications or web control systems!

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