Smartphone app development of CityTaxi – Case study

Fokvári Dóra


The client

CityTaxi is one of the largest taxi companies in the country.

The challenge

Developing an app that tens of thousands of people use every day is an exciting challenge in itself. In this case, however, we had to work with a very complex backend system that the client had already developed. This system also communicates with the dispatch centre and the CityTaxi app on the driver’s side as well – in this case, three systems working together. And because of the complexity of the background, the testing processes were also challenging.

Our solution

The old CityTaxi application was a Cordova-based development, which has become obsolete and even endangered on some platforms. So, renewal became essential. Taking the above into account, we decided to use the Flutter UI framework and replace the old MapBox map solutions with GoogleMaps API services.

Key technology

  • Flutter framework
  • GoogleMaps SDK

The development team

  • Smartphone
  • Design
  • QA
  • PM

The solution

The revamped app will be continuously developed, and we will continue to refine and modify the UX and backend communication in the support framework, considering user feedback. A voucher system is also planned, whereby passengers using the app will be able to receive discounts for the distances travelled.

Check out the new CityTaxi app!

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