ARRI Rental – Rental management with smartphone app – Case study



The project

Our client ARRI Rental offers a wide range of different types of cameras, such as digital film cameras, high-speed cameras and camera accessories. In addition, the company rents lighting equipment, including lighting fixtures, projectors, softeners and other accessories. ARRI Rental aims to help film and television studios provide the highest quality technical equipment.

Our client’s objective was to speed up their rental process and wanted to offer their clients a solution that would help them keep track of the assets they borrowed.

The client

ARRI Rental Budapest and Europe

The task

Development of the records of the rental of equipment distributed by the company.

Our solution

The app speeds up the rental process by scanning the barcode or QR code on the devices, and customers can see the devices they have borrowed in the app. They can search for assets by criteria, track return deadlines, help meet time limits and facilitate inventory.

Key technologies

  • Flutter
  • PHP
  • Gitlab CI/CD

Development team

  • Front-end

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