Airmoniq – data value, money, profit. And not just in the sailing industry, in yours too!

Gábor Németh


What is Airmoniq?- I promise, just briefly! – more importantly, what can it do for you?! That’s what this article is really about.

Airmoniq is a data collection and analysis system, originally designed for sailors, which can show the performance characteristics of a sailing team or a boat in different conditions and provides a platform for analysing the collected data.

Airmoniq is a small startup, born under the wing of Arteries Studio, one of the founding IT companies.

And yes, Airmoniq also has a product called Airmoniq Tracking, which is used to track sailing races. This product is probably the one most people know about, mainly because of the Blue Ribbon and other sailing races for which Airmoniq has been providing tracking services for several years.

The data analysis capabilities of Airmoniq and its backer Arteries and but its uses go far beyond sailing. They can also be used for production monitoring and optimisation, logistics data collection, production management and business analytics, BI dashboards. This paper is for those who are looking at digitalisation, monitoring and data analysis (BI, business intelligence) as a key issue in their own field.

The Airmoniq Pro system took years to develop. It was a challenge to collect the huge amount of data and the correlations, patterns and events between them, to deliver it to the cloud and analyse it intelligently. It is necessary to deliver data quickly, in many cases in real time, to displays or smart devices on board ships, and to maintain, update and improve this whole ecosystem remotely.

It is easy to imagine many other applications along the lines of the sailing analogy above. For example, a monitoring and production management system for a manufacturing plant: the ship may correspond to a specific production line machine in a factory, the ship sensors may correspond to sensors in the production machine or to external data loggers, the cloud system may run in the factory data centre, and the analytics system may cover digital reports from production planners, production managers, controllers or company managers, e.g. in the form of Microsoft PowerBI interfaces.
We know that in many places this problem is not yet well solved, and we can really help.

In the same way, the knowledge we have acquired over the years can be used to monitor and improve the efficiency of logistics processes, sensor monitoring and automation. Such a project is currently underway at Arteries Studio.

Not to go too far from sailing, in 2022 our startup Airmoniq built a mobile measuring boat equipped with special sensors in the Balatonfüred area, and it made semi-automated, cloud-based monitored and analysed measurements of the water quality of Lake Balaton.

If you think that in your field / company / workplace there is data that is not being collected or analysed properly, but could help to make processes more efficient, measurable, controllable and therefore improve, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities! We can probably help you.

Because Airmoniq is not just a sailing analytics system or a tracking solution! The Arteries team is also an effective help in all kinds of Industry 4.0, IoT development. Data is value, and we have learned how to bring it to the surface. As an added bonus, the recent AI (Artificial Intelligence) craze has made it even more urgent to deal with data the right way. Don’t get left behind, we can help.

Let’s talk, because efficiency is increasingly a key issue today!

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