OT (Online Trainer)

Heart rate monitor packaging

Time interval of development

2014-03-14 - 2014-04-03


Innotrain Kft.

The Online Trainer application gives the opportunity to subscribers to participate in a pulse metering workout plan. In this project we planned material for the device itself.

Our job was to create the pulse monitor’s packaging, its instruction manual, the devices logo, and related illustrations. We created simplified technical style drawings, but included cool illustrations to help the user in the correct use of the device.

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Some people call it a status symbol, some think of it as the best mobile phone but one thing is for sure: you cannot beat Apple iPhone’s elegance and quality. Arteries Studio lives up to this quality: when we develop an iPhone application or program for iOS we do it on just as high level of quality as Apple’s platform represents.

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We have many years of experience in developing applications. Our programmers and testers have professional knowledge of Google’s operating system. For us developing an Android application is not only a job but also a hobby, a challenge, and an opportunity. We often develop low-level modules, complete ecosystems, and we continuously work on scalable and real-time systems as well.

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3D, ads

Want to advertise online? These days it isn’t enough to create a traditional ad banner with text and pictures. But everyone pays attention to an animated 3D banner! Don't get stuck with decades old technology, when people only really pay attention to modern, unique and unusual things. We are available to create your three-dimensional, animated advertisement.

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Android Smartwatch

Devices with the Android Wear system (aka Android's smartwatches), compared to others on the market, are compatible with more devices, widely available, and cheaper; therefore, some say, they will conquer the market. If you would like to be among those reaping this harvest, now is the time to sow: develop for Android smartwatch. Our company helps in figuring out and creating the ideal software for your company for this pioneering, exciting device.

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iOS Smartwatch

We still have to wait for the true breakthrough of smartwatches but even today we have to take them into account. According to Piper Jaffray's analysis by 2017 there will be a big explosion in the spread of smartwatches. There is no reason to doubt that Apple Watch will still have its market leading position at that time. Apple sells the most smartwatches around the globe even if this is a relatively fresh platform. Therefore we encourage you to start preparing your company for the near future: start developing a smartwatch application with Arteries Studio and be on the cutting edge!

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Google Glass

Ours is one of the few companies who have known and developed Google Glass applications from the beginning. Some say that the time of smartglasses was over before it even began. Well, the leaders of Google think otherwise: they are planning (in the fall of 2015) the new (third) generation models of Google Glass. There are more and more applications for smartglasses, currently the glass is really popular overseas, mostly used in industrial fields, but from the 3rd generation the glass will return into our everyday lives.

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Industrial software

Our colleagues have significant experience in industrial software development. They offer customized solution for you while using big data to create a system which needs minimal human interaction. Today efficiency is key. Everything depends on it. Often you cannot improve efficiency with human capacity but machines and robots can. This is where we come in to the picture.

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