Odoo ERP Development

Odoo ERP system introduction and development

Cost-effective ERP system that is tailored yet still has strong foundations

Take advantage of the controlled international open-source developer community!

You don't have a management system yet, or you've outgrown the one you have? If you have too many separate programs to complete your business processes the software can not communicate with each other, you already know you need an integrated system. But it may not be worth the license price of a traditional ERP, possibly because of the inflexibility. Arteries is the Odoo system specialist, we are confident that we can help!

Now Odoo is not only the market leader among OpenSource ERP solutions, but is gaining speed even among the traditional ERP systems. Odoo has more than 2 million users, 5400+ developers, 312 new applications a month, and is in 23 languages!

The secret of Odoo’s success is its flexibility and ease of use, but at the same time all the basic business processes are fully covered. Of its numerous modules some of the most significant are CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse and Logistics, Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management, Controlling, maintenance, POS (shops and restaurants), Project Management with Planning, and of course the billing and accounting as well.

Naturally individual modules and applications make Odoo even more tailored to a specific company, but each of these modules connect well to the rest of the modules. Arteries Studio is at Hungary's forefront in intrducing and developing unique customizable modules.

We are at your disposal as a prominent Hungarian Odoo specialist in project management, system implementation consulting, specification preparation, module development, or just making a mobile application as an Odoo extension.


Congo Marketplace

Online Marketplace

Odoo Online Marketplace was created for an American client. Since it connects buyers with multiple sellers in one marketplace, it is not just another plain webshop. Each seller can make their own store unique through their profile while at the same time their products can be found among all the others. The products description and pictures are entered by the individual sellers to make their products attractive. Additionally developed for Odoo is the option for customers to determine the distance of the sellers from which they wish to purchase. Customers are shown products which are filtered in accordance with laws that pertain to buying products within the state or from certain neighboring states.

Chalice Franchise

Multi-company Environment

A new start-up franchise type of store and suppliers network for handling internal and external orders, along with warehouse management using unique identification, similar to bar codes. The store’s POS system not only handles checking out and the amounts of products in stock, it also can create an official receipt for clients. With the addition of loyalty cards for identification purposes, regular customers can be given special discounts and serve as point collecting reward cards.

Benchmark Education USA

HR module

Odoo HR module was introduced to Benchmark Education Co. (USA). Since even at the start there were more than 250 workers, it was impossible to keep track of all the personnel data in their existing systems and so Odoo’s HR module was the solution. Particularly, there was great amount of fluctuation among warehouse employees and a strong but simple solution was needed. For example, by connecting Odoo to the entry systems then at the time an employee left the company their entry rights to the building also ended immediately. There are plans to introduce additional modules.

Water utility provider of Vác

Client filing system development with Odoo

Making new client entry documents at the click of a button. The system automatically deducts the given amount from the charge account. Payments are also quickly accounted for by client, even when one client has more than one address. With such easily traced records it becomes easy to make customer account statements.

Gilla Europe

Accounting and Logistics

We consulted on setting up the American and Hungarian multi-company environment. This involved implementing the accounting modules and configuring the Hungarian and Slovakian VAT report. Additionally, we automated their logistical processes responsible for moving products from one warehouse to another.