Industrial software development

Data-driven workflow optimization, efficiency monitoring, software cooperation with hardware, indoor navigation solutions, artificial intelligence developments

Do you need unique industrial / enterprise solutions?

Are the frameworks and templates available on the market unable to meet your unique needs? Do not hesitate to contact Arteries Studio. Our development team is innovative and professional. We not only develop but also grow to take advantage of the newest opportunities.

Our colleagues have significant experience in industrial software development. They offer customized solution for you while using big data to create a system which needs minimal human interaction. Today efficiency is key. Everything depends on it. Often you cannot improve efficiency with human capacity but machines and robots can. This is where we come in to the picture.

Data-driven workflow optimization, efficiency monitoring, software cooperation with hardware, indoor navigation solutions, and smart city solutions – these are the fields where we can help. Creativity is the strength of our colleagues. Where templates cannot help, we find the unique solution and professionally develop the right software or even make simple personal robots.

Beside that we are happy to help with unique solutions for business management, corporate governance / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.


Water utility provider of Vác

Client filing system development with Odoo

Making new client entry documents at the click of a button. The system automatically deducts the given amount from the charge account. Payments are also quickly accounted for by client, even when one client has more than one address. With such easily traced records it becomes easy to make customer account statements.

Gilla Europe

Accounting and Logistics

We consulted on setting up the American and Hungarian multi-company environment. This involved implementing the accounting modules and configuring the Hungarian and Slovakian VAT report. Additionally, we automated their logistical processes responsible for moving products from one warehouse to another.

LifeView WMS

Android application

We are developing more platforms for LifeView WMS system, such as Google Glass applications and eLearning Portal, where employees can receive job training.

Constantly, we are exporting innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to support this new, modern warehouse management’s upswing.

We wish them the best of luck!

How can we help in

industrial software development?

  • Uniquely extending and developing business management systems
  • Uniquely extending and developing corporate governance / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
  • Collecting and processing big data
  • Optimizing workflows with machine learning methods and artificial intelligence
  • Indoor navigation with sensors, beacons, unique algorithms and robotized interference calibration where GPS is not available