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ios programming

iOS application development that matches the elegance and quality of the iPhone

Some people call it a status symbol, some think of it as the best mobile phone but one thing is for sure: you cannot beat Apple iPhone’s elegance and quality. Arteries Studio lives up to this quality: when we develop an iPhone application or program for iOS we do it on just as high level of quality as Apple’s platform represents.

Our iOS developers’ applications stay faithful to the iOS system by using the device’s unique opportunities and resources in the most optimized, prudent and efficient way. We provide full support for designing (wireframing), architecture, coding, testing (Test Flight or other unique systems), publishing to App Store and operating (setting up server cluster, operating and monitoring the API).



Conference system

Main features:

  • Events
  • Detailed multi-venue agenda
  • Speaker and atendee profiles
  • Live session and private chat, groups
  • Session and speaker rating, comments
  • Live public and secret voting system
  • Crowd opinion testing
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Venue maps and information
  • Live video stream for virtual attendees

Awaken My City

Awaken Movement

For the USA based Awaken Movement we developed a mobile application Awaken My City. The application’s goal is to give a global tool for charitable drives and social movements to put into the hands of those who want to help in order to recruit and inform volunteers and give them the opportunity to serve.



The Givme application is an American startup software, which Arteries Studio develops for them. On iOS and Android devices it creates a unique way to share photos and events; photos taken by users are organized into events automatically so that those participating (whether it is 200 people at a wedding or 50 at a business summit) can easily share their best photos with each other without need to create unnecessary groups or folders. The application automatically detects events among friends, and makes it very simple to share the fun.

Why sould I develop iOS application?



Although similar (or better) performing hardware is available for Android devices they cannot utilize these resources as well as iOS does: we have an opportunity to design surprisingly nice and elegant interfaces.



We can say that if something works on iOS, then it will keep working. These devices are extraordinary stable therefore the applications written for them will not be a disappointment. This is especially important for projects with a high SLA requirement.

One device

many users

In the past years at least every sixth of all smart phone sales was some kind of iPhone. The fact that there is no need to take hundreds of devices into account makes developing and testing much faster and more cost-effective.

What kind of iOS development

can we help you with?

  • iOS extensions for web services
  • Business management solutions and data visualizations for iOS devices
  • Extensions for hardware controllers and system management devices
  • Increasing the productivity of traveling colleagues with an iOS application
  • Mobile shopping – e-commerce – mobile web stores
  • Mobile applications dependent on the actual geographical location
  • Community applications for multi-platform: not only between iOS and iOS
  • Automating everyday activities where the most productive way of working requires mobile devices
  • Multimedia presentations for iPad (supporting sales activity, product presentation, references, presentation of work processes, etc.)
  • Responsive layouts of web pages (this is the specialty of one of our other departments but it is relevant here too – we highly recommend this service to you)