Google Glass development

Making unique applications for Google smartglass

Ours is one of the few companies who have known and developed Google Glass applications from the beginning. Some say that the time of smartglasses was over before it even began. Well, the leaders of Google think otherwise: they are planning (in the fall of 2015) the new (third) generation models of Google Glass. There are more and more applications for smartglasses, currently the glass is really popular overseas, mostly used in industrial fields, but from the 3rd generation the glass will return into our everyday lives.

We can help you and your company in bringing tomorrow's solutions to your partners and customers today: we know the platform and the opportunities. We continuously take part in developmental projects in the USA. Our Google Glass smartglass application development represents the future's technology just as much as the devices they are made for. If you already have an idea we are happy to give you advice and execute your idea. If you only know that you want to be on the market we can help you with where, how and what you can publish for this platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us; we are familiar with Google Glass.


LifeView WMS

Android application

We are developing more platforms for LifeView WMS system, such as Google Glass applications and eLearning Portal, where employees can receive job training.

Constantly, we are exporting innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to support this new, modern warehouse management’s upswing.

We wish them the best of luck!

Why develop for

Google Glass?

  • Today the only usable smartglass is Google Glass. The first news about it was published in 2012 and it has been developed continuously ever since. Therefore the growing pains of this revolutionary product will soon disappear.
  • The operating system on it is Android so we can efficiently develop for it.
  • Using the Google Glass is extremely comfortable and it does not hinder us in our everyday activities: it can be controlled with touch and voice commands.
  • According to analysts by 2018 over 21 million sales are expected.
  • The information is continuously in front of our eyes, literally. It is useful in every area where we need our hands but we also need information. Text, images, audio and video information are also available for the user while he / she continuous his / her routine task. This is why it is popular in industrial usage.
  • Although in 2015 there was a silence around the smartglass it was only a calm before the storm: the engineers completely rethought the device, the new Glass is coming, which is faster than ever, has a bigger screen, better battery life, and will heat less; thus making the Glass really usable in every application.

How can we help you develop for

Google smartglass?

  • Designing Google Glass applications
  • Creating the graphic designs of Google Glass applications
  • Developing Google Glass applications
  • Integrating Google Glass applications
  • Operating Google Glass applications