Android smartwatch programming

Making applications for Android Wear devices

The fact that gadgets are in the center and that more and more gadgets are around us is not news. It is also obvious that a significant part of the gadgets are Android-based: Google's system's popularity is still undiminished, it is on our phone, computer, TV, eyes – and now even on our wrists.

Devices with the Android Wear system (aka Android's smartwatches), compared to others on the market, are compatible with more devices, widely available, and cheaper; therefore, some say, they will conquer the market. If you would like to be among those reaping this harvest, now is the time to sow: develop for Android smartwatch. Our company helps in figuring out and creating the ideal software for your company for this pioneering, exciting device.

We help from the start to the finish, from designing through developing, until operating. You only have to tell us your needs and actively supply us with information, and afterwards enjoy and use the result.

Wide range of


The newest Android Wear devices make it possible to match them with iOS devices; therefore they are compatible with a lot of phones.



Because of this and their lower prices, Android smartwatches can spread easier. Currently the market is changeable, the balance of power is forming but through this we can see that soon enough Google will be in a good and stable position.



According to analysts by the year of 2017 half of the smartwatch market will be ruled by Android Wear devices.

What kind of a of Android smartwatch development

can we help you with?

  • Designing Android smartwatch applications
  • Creating the graphic designs for Android smartwatch applications
  • Developing Android smartwatch applications
  • Integrating Android smartwatch applications