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Android programming

Android mobile application development

If you would like to run an efficient company, there is a good chance you will soon have a need for a mobile application, more specifically for an Android application. When that time comes – it may be right now or years from now – remember our company’s Android programming team. The Android development (Android mobile phones, Android tablets, Android Wear watches and other Android-based devices) is one of the strongest pillars of Arteries Studio.

We have many years of experience in developing applications. Our programmers and testers have professional knowledge of Google’s operating system. For us developing an Android application is not only a job but also a hobby, a challenge, and an opportunity. We often develop low-level modules, complete ecosystems, and we continuously work on scalable and real-time systems as well.

If you have a specific idea for an application, contact us. We are happy to discuss it, advise you, and help you find the most adequate solution for you.

If you would like to enter this market but you do not have all the details of the application, contact us anyway: the Android programmers of Arteries Studio are not only excellent developers but creative professionals too.

In case you already have a development team and you are only looking for mobile graphic design then our well-experienced graphic designers are more than happy to assist you in your project. They watch closely the UI/UX design trends but are also creative in their own right to come up with unique solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us!



Conference system

Main features:

  • Events
  • Detailed multi-venue agenda
  • Speaker and atendee profiles
  • Live session and private chat, groups
  • Session and speaker rating, comments
  • Live public and secret voting system
  • Crowd opinion testing
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Venue maps and information
  • Live video stream for virtual attendees

Gránit Pay

credit card virtualization, mobile payment solution

On an Android phone, NFC is able to create a virtual debit card in just a few seconds which can be used to pay at any PayPass point with the help of the phone, without a physical debit card. Gránit Bank is the first Hungarian and first European bank to have a solution like this. The project was completed with the co-operation of MasterCard.



For the Berlin based TDispatch Gmbh. we developed a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. The application grants easily useable well developed software support for chauffeur services and other passenger services. Our team, as part of an international co-operation delivers the native mobile software for TDispatch, supplemented by the work of TDispatch’s back-end developers.

We wish our Berlin partners great success!

Why develop for

Android smartwatch?

Cégünk természetesen ajánlja és fejleszt is iOS és egyéb platformokra is, de ezen szekcióban az Android platform erősségeit foglalnánk össze:

  • Android is present everywhere: Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform. Your customer most likely has an Android phone. Based on statistics from 2015, out of the 10 best smart phones 8 have Android operating system on them. In 2014, 81% of the smart phones sales were Android devices.
  • Law of attraction: In September 2015, there were more than 1.7 million applications available for Android. Why would you be the one who does not have one?
  • The good ones are victorious, the weak ones are losing: Every month an average of 35,000 new, quality applications are published in the Google Play Store. Why should you be the one who has a low quality application?
  • The most efficient way to address people: We grab our phones more and more every day, if we have something to take care of or if we just want to kill some free time. The Android platform is flexible therefore we can choose from a wide range of ideas for making a new application.
  • We use Android for almost everything: Today’s devices are capable of accomplishing so much; they play a bigger and bigger role each day in our lives. Moreover, they play a key role in our everyday lives.
  • The devices are affordable: Most of the Android devices are affordable therefore Android reaches a very wide range of people.

Milyen nehézsékkel kell mindenképpen számolni egy ilyen fejlesztés során? Természetesen meg kell említeni, hogy nem fenékig tejfel egy Android fejlesztési projekt:

  • The development on this platform requires a lot of testing and it is impossible to test the project on every single device (there are more than 5,000 different Android devices in use)
  • The platform is not nearly perfect: almost every area of use has its own weaknesses. However our professional developers will introduce these to you and will discuss the opportunities in order to achieve the best possible solution.
  • Android development compared to other platforms is one of the slowest and most expensive, but in exchange it is the most widespread and is used by the largest crowd.

What kind of a of Android smartwatch development

can we help you with?

  • Android extensions for web services
  • Business management solutions for Android phones
  • Increasing the productivity for traveling colleagues with an Android application
  • Mobile shopping – e-commerce – mobile web stores
  • Community applications for multi-platform: not only between Android and Android
  • Automating everyday activities where the most productive way of working requires mobile devices
  • Multimedia presentations for Android tablets (supporting sales activity, product presentation, presentation, references, presentation of work processes)
  • Responsive layouts of web pages (this is the specialty of one of our other departments but it is relevant here too – we highly recommend this service to you)